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Personal Panic Alarm x 5

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Our Personal Panic Alarm is perfect for anyone to have as a safety backup incase of an emergency.

Unlike most of the other personal panic buttons available, we have kept the key ring and the pull pin separate to avoid any false activations but making is easy to access in an emergency situation.

These alarms are perfect for anyone to use for added personal security.

* 4cm x 6cm x 2cm - Compact size making it perfect to carry in the palm of your hand or on a set of car keys.
* Loud 140 decibel siren upon pulling the pin.
* Pull pin activation.
* LED torch at the press of a button.
* Replaceable 3 x A13 cell batteries.
* Batteries included.


* 2yrs Replacement Warranty * 14 Day Money Back Guarantee * Free technical phone support

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