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About Us

Our family protecting your family. 

Australian Security Systems was opened in 2013 by Chris and Kristie Sutherland. Chris and Kristie got married in 2009, they have a young family and are living the Aussie way trying to get ahead with a mortgage and endless renovations. They always had a dream to have a business of their own protecting other Australian families at an affordable price. "We put all of our time and energy into providing a nice home with nice things for our kids, why shouldn't every home be able to afford to protect their belongings and the family from lurking strangers and thieves. We should all be able to feel safe knowing our home is protected by a reliable security system."
Chris having 18 years experience in the security industry and as a security technician has used his skills and with alot of research and hard work  came up with the design "The Protector Series". A wireless alarm system, that can be installed by any novice, without the cost of a technician. Most security systems can cost over $1,000 with installation costs. And today, most families don't have that money laying around - it's just not a priority. But it should be. We all work so many hours away from our children, just to make a living, for someone to just walk in and take it away like that. Its wrong. Every family should be protected by a security system. And here it is. "The Protector Series" a security system that will do everything and more than any other security system, from only $409.
Chris knew that families needed an alarm that had integrated wireless technology so they can install themselves without wiring. He also knew that families needed a monitoring system, so if the home got broken into they are aware someone is invading their home. However, not all families have a telephone line these days to plug the alarm panel into for the monitoring. So he made it a dual network - PTSN (telephone line) or 3G (sim card). You may also program the alarm to suit your needs - If you want all the door and window sensors on and the motion sensors off whilst your sleeping, you can program them into stay mode. Its easy. Its perfect for any business or home security.
However, if you do need any technical assistance we are happy to help just give us a call. The options are endless with this series.
Now, how can you trust Australian Security Systems are a family business providing you a quality alarm and service? This is why we have a 14 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty. So you know you can trust us. We are a registered Australian family owned and operated business, providing our customers top quality affordable DIY alarm systems.
The reason we can cut costs so low is because there is no middle man, we do not have a shopfront giving you even more discounts and you are buying directly from the source. There are also no installation costs, saving you huge amounts. 
We have absolutely NO contracts, NO on going fees, NO monitoring costs. Nothing. Once you have bought your system it's yours. It isn't locked to anyone.
Keep your eye on us for our expanding security range. And don't forget, protect your family before it's to late.
If you are looking for a professional security installer our sister business Centron Security can help you with all of your Security needs across the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney regions. 
Chris and Kristie