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We are Australia's favourite, most loved and trusted DIY home and business security supplier.

Have you been looking for home security? Maybe business security? You have come to the right place! 

Australian Security Systems was opened in early 2013 and has been a huge success. With our low prices and top quality products for home or business security you can guarantee to protect your caravan, motor home, boat, home or office on any budget. 

Our affordable DIY wireless alarms and CCTV surveillance camera's have been designed with the latest features and manufactured by us to provide you, our customers top quality, reliability, advanced technology and a sleek stylish design! We provide a full 2 year replacement warranty to protect your peace of mind. Australian Security Systems also have phone technical support if you need any help or advice programming or installing your alarm kit. With an intense 18yr background in security systems we have come up with a product that has all of the benefits and features of a high end security system that you would pay top dollars for, at a fraction of the price. We specialise in easy to install DIY wireless security systems.

 "We don't scrimp on quality in any way! We can promise that! Because we don't have a shopfront and there are no installation fee's and no middleman fee's, we can offer you more value for money with our advanced technology, high quality wireless alarm systems and CCTV camera's! You are also buying direct from the source saving you even more. "

We have taken into consideration what people are looking for and provided this and more - a complete do it yourself wireless alarm system or wireless surveillance CCTV camera's that any novice can easily do themselves saving even more on installation costs. Wireless security systems give you the security of a hard wired security system, at a fraction of the price and we have made sure you can install your own wireless security system at ease!
Many of the features in our wireless DIY security alarm systems include a dialer - meaning you can set up back to base monitoring or monitor yourself by simply sticking a sim card in or plugging it into a phone line. Our alarm systems have voice recording, an LCD/LED touch screen, an Internal siren in the alarm panel, it runs off an AC power supply (or 12v DC car adapter) with a Rechargeable backup battery in the alarm panel (giving you 24/7 peace of mind), it also supports up to 140 wireless zones + 4 wired zones with plenty of  accessory options. Making our systems perfect for any home or business security.

Our CCTV camera's are super easy to set up and run off your existing Wi-Fi connection. Combined with our alarm system you know your home or office is in complete safe hands!

The best bit, our company Australian Security Systems is completely Australian Family Owned and Operated so you know your warranty is legit and fast and we also have a great reputation from our customers. Every customer has been over the moon with our security systems and highly impressed with their features and our award winning customer service.  
We are providing families a low cost effective way to protect their belongings and keep their family safe – even whilst sleeping (with the stay mode.) We really haven't forgotten a thing here... Everyone deserves to feel safe and protected even the day to day families living off 1 wage. Our main focus is customer service, the highest in quality DIY self install security products and value for money! Knowing you can check in at anytime with our CCTV range tops off the perfect home security or office security making sure you are protected all year round.
If your looking for a reliable company, with top quality wireless security products you can install yourself, for home security, business security or even caravan and boat security. We have you covered. Here at Australian Security Systems we are proving ourselves more and more everyday with many many happy customers, let us help you protect your family and create safe homes.

Check out our wireless DIY alarm security kits here!

Check out our DIY wireless CCTV surveillance camera's here!

We have absolutely NO contracts, NO on going fees, NO monitoring costs. Nothing. Once you have bought your business or home security system it's yours! 

It isn't locked to anyone and you can decide which phone provideryou want to go through for your SIM card, or use an existing PSTN phone line! ​Don't forget our FREE technical support if you need help installing and most importantly all of our products come with an Australian 2yr Replacement Warranty & 14 day Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind!

Extremely easy DIY Install - saving you hundreds of dollars!

Worried you won't be able to program your security system yourself? 

It really is super easy. The systems manuals are extremely user friendly. Read up on some of our reviews from past customers to see what they had to say. 

Don't forget we also have free technical phone support 7 days a week (even after hours) 

to help you through the installation process if you get stuck!

​All of our systems - Our CCTV camera's, video intercom doorbells, business and home security systems are super easy to install, we promise anyone can do it!!

Install your home security system tomorrow. Give us a call and we can ship to you overnight via Express Post!!

We are proud members of ASIC.

Our products have been lab tested and approved for the Australian and New Zealand market. Our security systems are manufactured by Australian Security Systems by a team of highly trained engineers. We work closely with them to keep our products of the highest standards and we are constantly updating them to keep up with the current market trends. Shop your home or business security system here.