FAQ – Australian Security Systems


How long will my order take to arrive?

If we receive your order before 12pm est. on a business day, it will go out the same day. Our business days for processing orders are Monday to Friday. Once we have processed your order you will receive a tracking email from Australia Post which will give you the estimated date for you to receive your package.



YES!! We can help you receive your system on the very next business day!! All you need to do is place your order before 9 am est. and make a note on your order that you want the EXPRESS SERVICE for NEXT DAY DELIVERY.  We can then make your order a priority when we are processing orders and get yours sent out that morning for next day delivery. If there are any extra charges for the Express option (next day delivery) from the postal company, we may send you an invoice for these extra charges incurred by them. 

* Some more remote areas around Australia are not listed for next day delivery by DHL or Australia Post. 


Are your products quality made?

Absolutely yes!! We provide a money back guarantee and 2yr replacement warranty to back this. 

Many electronic products can have problems. We have an amazing manufacturing team we work closely with, and if any problems do arise we work with them and resolve the problem fast so it will not happen again in the future. We can guarantee you will love our system and the quality, just like all of our other happy customers.


 Are your products manufactured for you?

Yes! Our products are designed and manufactured specifically for us, Australian Security Systems by a special team of engineers. We are very proud of our systems, there functions and price range. Personally... We think we have the best DIY security systems on the market today - value and quality. Our products have been tested and approved to the Australian and New Zealand market to ensure you are receiving a quality and safe product! Be sure to look for our exact logo to make sure you are getting one of our genuine products.


Can I change the kit if it doesn't suit me?

Sure we can change the kit to suit your needs. Just work out what you need and send us an email with your requirements and we will price up a customised kit for you. 


Why are your prices so cheap compared to quotes I have received?

Because you are buying direct from the source with no middle man. We are very proud of the quality and features of our very own product The Protector Series and Eye Protect.They highly compete with some of the best on the market including Bosch and Hills. 

The reason our prices are kept so low, is because there is no middle man, no installation costs, no monitoring costs, no extras charged and added on along the way. You are buying a top quality product directly from the source. We are a family run online business and do not have a shopfront keeping our costs down even more. Every penny helps when your on a budget and we love giving the savings to our happy customers and knowing they can feel safe in there own home. 


If I install it and do not feel comfortable with the product do you take it back in 14 days?

Yes of course you may return it within 14 days if you are not happy. No questions asked!!! This is how we back our product. As long as you return it safely packaged, exactly as you received it (no writing on packaging or products and in brand new condition) we will refund no questions asked. 


What if I get stuck whilst installing?

No problem, we have free phone support available 7 days a week to help you through the process. This is what we are here for to assist you keeping your belongings safe.




What are the differences between "The Protector Series" & "The Protector Series II"?

The Protector Series II has all the same features and functions of our original model The Protector Series.  

The biggest different is the network they use. The Protector Series uses GSM (2G) and/or PSTN and The Protector Series II uses 3G and/or PSTN.

The Protector Series original will automatically switch between available frequencies in the area. The system covers the 2G frequencies 850, 900, 1800 and 1900mhz. This model is most preferred for rural areas when the closer of some frequencies happen at the end of 2016. 850Mhz will continue to operate in rural areas.

Our newest model The Protector Series II has been completely re-built to run on the 3G network. The Protector Series II operates on 850/2100 (rural areas) or 900/2100mhz frequencies. We have absolutely no problems with coverage across Australia and if you came into a black spot with low coverage we will fix it with a different module or refund you completely.

Our new model The Protector Series II has a few other new and awesome features also. We have added a temperature reader and it will display the current temperature on the panels LCD screen. 

We have also added the option to connect one of our new "smart power sockets" to any of your home appliances or lights. Then you can remotely control your lights or electronics via texting the alarm panel.  This is great to trick people into thinking you are home (when you are not), and deterring away any thieves.


Telstra have advised me they are closing the 3G network?

Please do not panic as our panels should continue to operate as they were on the 3G network. We have thoroughly looked into the closure and Telstra are only dropping the 2100mhz frequency, which is currently only operating in a very limited number of areas anyway. However if there are any issues when the closure does happen, and you are affected we are working on having a 4G upgrade panel available at cost price for our existing customers who have any issues. We will always keep you going!!

How many phones can the system call or SMS?


You may program up to 5 phone numbers to receive calls or sms when the system has been violated. Once violated it will start the call or sms process through the numbers starting with the first number. 


You may program 1 phone number (usually the system owner) to receive system alerts such as low power, arm/disarm, power recovery etc.


Should I use a SIM card or PSTN (plug into my phone line)?

You dont have to use either. However, we recommend using a SIM card purely because you may use the sms function.

You can send your alarm txts to arm and disarm. You can also receive txts informing you of an intruder and advising you which sensor has been violated. You can also set up alerts to advise you of a power failure etc. 

However, if using a phone line you may only be informed by a phone call and cannot receive some alerts or detailed information.


Which SIM card should I choose?

The system uses a standard sized SIM card. Not a micro, not a nano, just the standard, biggest size. 

We usually recommend a long expiry (365 day) pre-paid SIM card so you are not wasting unused credit at the end of each month. Depending on the alerts etc you have set up $5 should be sufficient for the entire year.

We usually recommend (and use ourselves) an Aldi pre-paid SIM they have a low start up cost and a long expiry date on your credit. Aldi SIM card does run off the Telstra towers, but on occasions (usually a very remote area in Australia) the Aldi SIM card will not work as it is limited to the Telstra towers it is allowed to use.

Before you decide on your phone provider for the SIM card you may want to check out the coverage maps below and see what is available to you.

The Protector Series original will automatically switch between available frequencies in the area. The system covers the 2G frequencies 850, 900, 1800 and 1900mhz. This model is most preferred for rural areas when the closer of some frequencies happen at the end of 2016. 850Mhz will continue to operate in rural areas.

Our newest model has been completely re-built to run on the 3G network. The Protector Series II operates on 850/900 and 2100mhz.

Telstra Mobile Broadband Coverage Map

Optus coverage maps

Vodafone coverage checker

Aldi Telstra 3G/ 2G coverage Map (Telstra resellers) – The coverage is less than that of the base Telstra network 

Remember, if you live in a remote area or do not get coverage (which is very, very rare) you may connect the alarm directly to your exisiting phone line for monitoring. See PSTN.


Do you supply the SIM card?

No. The SIM card is the only thing you will need to purchase for your security system. You can get these online or from any telephone dealer.


Do I have to use a SIM card or Phone line? Will the system still work?

You do not have to use a SIM card or a phone line if you do not wish to have monitoring. The system will still function as a normal security system, just without the monitoring side.


Can I use a monitoring company or back to base?

Yes. If you choose you do not want to monitor the system yourself you may decide to go with a monitoring company. The choice is yours. 

If you decided to go down this path we would recommend going with a monitoring company in your local area so if needed they are close by.

It is easy to set up the system with a monitoring company there is a section just for this.


Are false alarms common?

No. You should not receive ANY false alarms with your system if you follow the user manual correctly and program and install the sensors in suitable locations. 

If you get any false alarms, contact our tech support and they will talk you through the set up to stop this occuring.

If all else fails we will replace the PIR causing any false alarms. As long as your PIR positioning is correct and battery changes happen when needed we promise - our systems will have NO false alarms.

It could by the sensors location  or picking up heat or shadows, it could be your pet friendly sensitivity is to high there could be many reasons. Being a DIY kit alot of people just don't know, don't put up with it and call our tech support to assist you to stop this happening. We guarantee our system will NOT cause false alarms when correctly set up. Call us to assist.


Is it possible to only alarm certain zones at any one time? 

Absolutely. Our alarms cater for dual zoning. For example, in stay mode you may want all of the window and door sensors armed while you are at home sleeping and have the room sensors (PIRs) off. Once it has been programmed this way it is simply a matter of turning on stay mode and your perimeters will be armed. When you go out you simply arm the whole system and everything will arm.

You may program your alarm to pretty much do anything you want, to suit your needs.


Is the system going to interfere with my home wifi?

No, it will not interfere with your home wifi.


What part of the alarm system needs to be plugged into a power point?

The main alarm panel, external and internal siren and black and white remote pin pad devices all require power. They all have a built in back up battery incase of a power failure but will constantly need to be connected to a power supply. 

This can be done by plugging into an existing power point, running an extension lead, or making a hole in the wall behind the unit and gaining power this way (we would recommend an electrician do this if you were to go down that path). 

Everything speaks wirelessly and there is no need to run wires from the main panel to any of the accessories.


What happens if there is a black out and no power?

Our alarm panel and siren both have a back up battery that is automatically charged when connected to power. This will give you approx 6-8hrs backup with no power supply.

You can also set up an SMS alert to advise you if there has been a power failure and when power has been restored. 


Can I put the main system under the sink? Will it receive the signal?

Yes, you may put it under the sink. You may put the sensors up to 200m distance from the panel (depending on the sensor). We have people place there systems in cupboards, under sinks and hidden away with no problems at all.


What will happen if an intruder tries to steal the main unit?

There is a tamper on the back of the panel so if touched it will activate instantly. Usually the sound of the siren makes them panic and scares them off before any attention gets drawn to them.

We also provide you with monitored security window stickers so they know your alarm system is monitored 24/7 deterring them more.


What connection do I need for the caravan security alarm kit?

We supply the connections you need. It comes with a 240v australian plug and a 12v chord making it easier to wire into your caravan battery. 

Depending on your caravan set up, you may decide to plug into the caravan battery or a generator or a power point in your van (if your lucky enough). 

Our alarms convert from 240v to 12v automatically so all you need to do plug and go. 

If you want more info on connecting your system to your caravan, motorhome or boat please feel free to call our technical support at anytime on 0490013319.


Can I hook the alarm system up to a bilge pump on a boat?

You sure can. Our customers have successfully done this in the past. Give our tech support a call to find out more.


Where can I get replacement batteries?

You can buy the batteries for the accessories in most common places. We usually recommend buying a decent brand if possible so that you get longer life from the battery.

Here are some links for your battery replacements. These are just examples feel free to get them anywhere.

Door sensors: 23A 12V battery




Standard PIR sensors: DC9V battery




Pet friendly PIR sensors: 2 x AA batteries





How long do the batteries last?

We highly recommend a decent brand of battery - Duracell or Energizer for maximum battery life. If using cheap batteries expect half the life mentioned below.

Standard PIR sensors - 6-12mths depending on location and how often picking up movement.

Pet friendly PIR sensors - 2yrs depending on location and how often picking up movement.

Door/Window sensors - 6-12mths depending on location and how often window or door is opening or closing.


How do I know when to replace the batteries in the sensors?

The sensors will change a different colour in light and/or flash constantly. This will alert you it is time to change the batteries. 

You could also receive a false alarm (like any wireless system) if the batteries get to low - the panel can no longer sense the sensor when the batteries are low, hence a false alarm.

Keep an eye on your sensors lights. 


What range do the PIR's have?

Pet PIR sensors can be installed up to 200m away from the alarm panel. The standard PIRs up to 100m. The PIR's have a detection (viewing) range of 12m.


Are your PIR sensors pet friendly? 

Yes absolutely!!!! We have Pet friendly versions available. They are good for pets up to 30kg. They are super adjustable. The sensitivity within them can be adjusted over 100 different ways to make sure you can get the setting that suits your needs for the type of pet you own. If you have any issues with false alarming, the sensor will need to be adjusted to suit how jumpy or not jumpy your pet is. If you have trouble with this you can always call our tech support 7 days a week for help.  


How do I fix the sensors to the walls?

The PIR sensors come with screws and a bracket. We have had tenants use the double sided pull tabs to mount the PIR sensors instead of making screw holes if it wasn't an option.


Can you reduce the sensitivity in the PIR sensors?

The standard sensors are not adjustable. The Pet friendly PIR sensors are highly adjustable to suit different sensitivity levels depending on your needs.


Can you put a sensor in a garage not connected to the home?

The standard sensors can go up to 100mtrs from the alarm panel (depending on obstructions). The Pet friendly PIR sensors can go up to 200mtrs from the alarm panel (depending on obstructions). If your garage falls within this distance you should have no problems at all. We do recommend the Pet friendly PIRs in garages or harsher environments as they can be adjusted to suit. 

The PIR sensors sense infrared wavelengths, are they also motion sensors that will differentiate possibly a cockroach for example to prevent against false alarms?

The PIR sensors are passive infrared sensors. They will not pick up a small cockroach running across the floor. If the cockroach ran across the lens of the PIR itself it would give a false alarm, this is unavoidable - even the most expensive PIRs lens in the world would still give a false alarm.


How do I fix the sensors to the doors or windows?

The door/window sensors come with double sided tape (or screw holes if you prefer this option). There are 2 pieces to this sensor. 1 piece is mounted on the stable frame and the other piece is mounted to the moving door or window. 


Can I leave a window (say in family area) half open at night, or some other time,  for air circulation and still arm the alarm?

Yes!! You simply take this window sensor only out of stay mode on the alarm panel or when mounting the sensors mount them at the position you will be keeping this window ajared. Otherwise you can open the window before activating stay mode and the alarm will not go off unless someone was to push the window closed and the sensor pieces make contact. 


Does the door/window sensors fit on sliding windows and stacker doors?

The door/window sensors are very suitable for sliding windows and stacker doors. You place one part on the moving window and the other part on the frame. When they open apart from each other it sends a signal to the alarm panel.


How many decibels are the sirens?

The external strobe siren is approx 110db and the internal siren (built into the alarm panel) is approx 90db. The solar external siren is approx 110db also.


Can I remotely stop the siren?

Yes. You can stop the siren by disarming your alarm. You may do this remotely by sending your alarm panel an SMS or calling it. You will receive a confirmation SMS back telling you that the alarm has been disarmed.


Does the siren needs AC power?

Yes, the siren needs AC power. It has a built in backup battery that recharges automatically from the main power supply, incase of a power outage. 

However if you cannot get power to the external siren we recommend using our solar powered external siren if you can access sun.


How long does the siren go for?

You can set this time in the alarm panel to suit you.


What is the use of the wireless keypad device?

You may use this if you have a 2 story home and you want to have a pad upstairs to arm and disarm downstairs. You could also put it at the back door and the main panel at the front door. Wherever you may want a second panel.


What is the difference between the different wireless keypads?

The black wireless keypad is plugged into a power point, with a built in backup battery incase of a power failure.

The white wireless keypad is also plugged into a power point (but can be charged every few weeks and does not have to constantly be plugged in).

The RFID wireless keypad runs off batteries and does not require to be plugged into a power supply.





Are the apps available on both Apple and Android? 

Yes there is an App available for both devices.


Can you view the footage on your computer or laptop?

Yes, you can use on any laptop or computer that has internet connection to view the footage. All you need is your camera's IP.


Does the camera's come with SD card?

No. The only thing you will need to get to store your footage is a Micro SD card - up to 64gb. 


Does it matter on the speed of the SD card?

No, this shouldn't affect the footage or storage. The camera more so relies on your Wi-Fi connection for the speed when viewing the footage.


 What size SD card do I need?

Our camera's take a Micro SD card up to 64gb. 


 I don't really have easy access to mains power?

Do you know if you have existing power points within your roof cavity? You could run power leads. If not you could get one power point installed in the roof and run extension leads where needed.  We looked into battery operation but it chews through 4 x batteries every week or so with continuous recording so wasn't very user friendly or cost affective in the long run.


Do the camera's come battery operated?

We steered away from battery operation as recording 24/7 will chew through 4 x batteries every week or so. With a few cameras installed this can be very expensive to have running continuously. To keep your CCTV recordings up and running 24/7 this isn't ideal hence us going powered cameras for an overall way more cost affective solution ontop of making sure the footage is always being recorded and doesn't stop at the wrong time because of flat batteries.


Do I need to run any wires or cables?

There are no need to run any wires to your modem or router, as it will speak to this wirelessley. You will only have to plug your camera into a power point. 


What is the best way to install the camera's?

Up high, out of sight and view is best. The camera's come with a super long 2mtrs power supply chord making is easy to access power. We would normally recommend making a small hole behind your mount and running the chord through and into your roof cavity. Alot of homes have existing power points within there roof cavities. If mounting multiple camera's, you can run extension leads to a power board within the roof.


 Are the camera's good during the night?

Yes! They see amazingly at night. You can see up to 8-9mtrs of the entire room, not just a spotlight view. 


 Does your cctv cameras operate without a wireless connection? Does the camera need a wireless connection to record to its hard drive?

Unfortunately you would need wi-fi to configure the camera before it can record onto the SD card. Once the camera has been configured it will then record onto the SD card without the need for wi-fi. You only need the wi-fi to log onto view the camera. 

You could use your phone's wi-fi to configure the camera. You could activate your hotspot. The camera needs the wi-fi user name and password to configure.

And to view the footage you can either use wi-fi and view on the APP either current or past footage or take the SD card out and put it into a computer to view the footage.


 Do your camera's use much Wi-Fi?

The camera's only use the Wi-Fi when configuring them up and also when you log onto view any current or past recordings. They do not use your Wi-Fi constantly. They record directly onto the SD card within the camera. 

So the answer is no, Wi-Fi is only used when you are logging in to view what's happening. You also have the option of viewing in HD or standard to minimise internet use.



Have a question? Feel free to call or email and ask! 

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