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Mac & Akemi

I bought a 3 wireless cameras the 26 OF FEB, received only today the 25 OF MARCH! And the website say "install your security system tomorrow" Tried to set 2 of the 3 and didn't work. All good, because the offer "technical support 7 DAYS A WEEK (even after hours)" as per website false advertisement. Well, I contact their fb and a person who identified as "Kristie Sutherland" very rudely answer me "if you decide to leave a bad review, please be aware of deformation and what can happen if the truth is not told 100%. End the story I want my money back. And dear Kristie I have abundant proves of:
-one month delivery
-you didn't have "out of stock" advertised when purchased.
-technical service is not answering and you admit they will be back tomorrow 11am. So, no 7 days a week.
-express post......only when you receive the product from China.
-poor quality
-poor instructions with the product
-send me an unwanted gift and they think you'll be happy with a key holder you can buy on wish for $3
-I'm pretty sure they delete all the reviews they don't like but is a place called "product review. Com" where I found reviews like my one.Steve L

(Response from owner 27.3.2019: Hi Mac and Akemi, I am terribly sorry you feel the need to leave such a bad review. We have explained to you via email when you purchased your camera's there was an out of stock message on our website stating there would be a delay. We then emailed you with constant updates of your order as we did with all other customers due to the unfortunate plane crash on the 10th of March 2019, airlines had become more strict with checking packages which delayed all shipments awaiting worldwide. We then upgraded everyone to Express Shipping and an inclusion of a free personal panic alarm to apologise for these delays well beyond ever before. Any customers who couldn't wait, contacted us and we refunded the same day and cancelled their order. You thanked us for these updates and was happy to continue the order.

You then received your camera's via Express Post and that same day contacted our technical phone number for support. The support line advised that the tech team were currently overseas at a training convention and to email through the best contact number and they would be in touch via call within 24 hours to assist you. We also advised if your call was urgent to contact our office (who are available - Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm) and they can assist you or get an urgent message sent through to the tech team to contact you straight away. You then immediately contacted our Facebook page quiet upset with the voicemail and not being able to be assisted when you made the call. Within 1 minute of your message being read, I had responded (as I was on my phone at the time of your message coming through) and extensively apologised for your frustrations we were not available on the tech number as you called, however asked for the best number to call on that very moment, as technical support were actually available and standing next to me to call you instantly back, as the training was over and the team were making their way back to the airport. We were then refused any phone number to help you out and bullying emails from yourself to us begun. We thought we have stayed professional and courteous and we apologise that you think we let you down. We have offered you a refund and asked you to call us to do so, so we can advised the procedure but again you have refused and have advised to go through the ombudsman instead and leave untrue reviews.

As per our emails we want to help you, please contact our office on (02) 43 050 840 or our technical line on 0490 013 319 so we can help you and get you sorted. Refund or support we have and always will be here when you are ready.

Kristie Sutherland

Steve L

Got the Protector series II deluxe kit. Simple to set up, great tech and back up support. Would recommend to anybody wanting a DIY security system. Cheers to all at Australian Security Systems.

Jijo Thomas Thomas

Absolutely amazing service, value for money product, easy to install and would highly recommend.

Elaine Y

I love my security camera. I now feel much more secure at home knowing that the camera is recording. Australian Security Systems are a great company to buy from.

Peter S

I wanted a DIY security system supplied by an Australian company. The ASS kit supplied was easy to install and seems to work faultlessly.

Scott W

Great product,and great service. I highly recommend Australian Security Systems for your security needs.

Andrew M

Great system and customer service is great. PIR sensors have limited range and you need to get the angle right and need to be low. however system is easy to install and program with some great functions like messages and the ability to arm/disarm via the mobile etc.

Keith H

Clear website made it easy to order. Arrived in good time and good order. Installation was fairly easy but could be made easier with some small edits to the manual. Tech support was good (only had one question re the install but was answered promptly.) Only just installed so not sure how it will go living with it but seems fine at the moment.

Bob S

I just bought and installed the basic kit in my shed to replace a similar system that had gone kaput. Quite simple to install and the great thing for me was the User Manual: made it so easy to install

Tim C

Very good value for money, easy to install and even easier to use, excellent picture quality and the phone app is very straightforward .. Very happy with purchase

rod w

Had an alarm system for a couple of months now and all is well. Pretty easy to set up and I'm impressed with the speed at which my 'phone gets notified when an alarm is triggered.

Graham W

Had the product in my hands within 24 Hours. Question asked about the install was answered within 24 hours. Had a couple of minor problems with the install but by using the FAQ's and a careful reading of the book, all were solved. Found it easy to install and set up.

keith Mc

Very impressed with your customer service and the speed of delivery of the products. All the components worked and pricing was competitive. I also thought your website was easy to navigate through - quite user friendly. However I was a bit disappointed that batteries were not supplied for door sensor but so far l am very happy with the system. Just one suggestion - I think the User Manual whilst very good, could be a bit more explicit in relation to explaining The various system functions for example what does "Stay Mode" mean?

Jones blanch


Alex G

The Protector Series is a low-priced security system with premium quality features. I have had the system for two years now and I am very satisfied with its performance. The SMS arm/disarm function and alarm notifications are very handy. Ongoing costs to replace sensor batteries and the cost of a mobile SIM card to use the SMS features are by far lower that the cost of a system monitored by a security company. In addition, the customer service and technical support provided by Australian Security System are of high standards. I had a some technical problems with my alarm and they really went out of their way to fix it. As it is a fully DIY product it saved me lots of dollars in installation costs. I am very satisfied with this product.

G Sansom

We have had original system for some time now and do travel somewhat, your system works great and sets the mind to rest. If receive a text can call mate next door to check.

Zlatko Canadi

The system was very easy to install and has so far, operated as expected. Very happy so far.

Michelle M

Re; Eye Protect Wireless CCTV - Full HD Wi-Fi Camera I own one of these fabulous cameras and I am incredibly impressed with the quality, clarity and functionality of this camera! Set up was so easy with their application, via Q Reader, and then it was done in under a minute. The clarity is incredible, the sound is great and the night vision left me speechless.. We were in pitch black to test it and the night vision was the BEST I have seen on any camera. Turning the lights on, it immediately flicked to day mode, lights off, flicked to night vision. We connected two phones to the camera and both viewing on separate phones with no issues. The app I use with it has so many options and is really easy to navigate. I've found the staff at Australian Security Systems are incredibly helpful and reply to every email almost immediately! I am so impressed with this I intend to purchase more for different rooms, and have already recommended this camera to friends. If you want an camera that is easy to set up, easy to run, and incredible clarity during both day and night, I strongly suggest you purchase one of these! 10/10!!

Bevan Hay

I think that people may have problems with getting false alarms. No one wants a security system that "Cries Wolf" that is worse than useless. From my experience there are a number of things you need to be aware of to ensure you don't get false alarms from the PIRs. Don't aim them at windows or doors Understand that they do not detect movement! What they do detect is changes in temperature so if you have anything, ANYTHING that creates heat it will be a problem. In my experience I have had issues with a fridge, and sunlight shining through a door and a window heating the floor. Remember it's the heat from a persons body that the PIR detects. Draw your curtains and close internal doors. In Queensland if you have a western facing window that gets the afternoon sun don't put a PIR anywhere in that room. The heat generated by the afternoon sun will set it off. My system is now completely reliable and I get no false alarms. I would however recommend that you disable the external siren until you test for a long time before you reenable it. Disable by setting the time to 0


Got one set on crazysales for my house during my business trip at the beginning. And the interface is clear and informative. It really makes me feel safe of my house when I go out.


System easy to set up and operate, installed for couple months and working great. We are 3000 k's from home and piece of mind Is great. Bird hit window, we rang neighbor they found bird. System told us when they walked into carport. Three words describe this system" Piece of mind" Great job guys.


I ordered the Deluxe Kit which was very easy to install. It works great and meets our requirement. Fantastic service and good price. I would recommend it to my friends.


Finished installing our Professional package, it took awhile to lean what to do then tailored our system to our needs. Once learned a very easy system control. One sensor a dud easily replaced. Aldi Sim, simple to install. Kristie & Chris helpful with any problems. Recommend this product, one happy customer.

Bevan Mundoolun

After reading the manual it was very easy to set up and works really well. I'm surprised that the remotes will work from so far away! Brilliant!We are very happy with our system.

A Natautama

Received a technical support phone call two seconds after I posted the product review below as "Helpless". Evidently I spoke too soon. The faulty item has been promptly replaced free of charge and everything has been working well. Thanks Australian Security Systems for addressing the issue promptly. I am a happy customer now; I am no longer "Helpless"

A Natautama

Purchased the top of the line system two months ago, with the 2 year warranty period, and followed setup instructions. Everything, including the GSM sms function, worked well for approximately one month when we noticed that the internal siren in the main alarm panel failed. Sent and email requesting a replacement unit under warranty. I was advised that a technical support person would contact me to do some more diagnosis; so far I heard nothing from the techie. Not sure why they need to further diagnose a simple fault that developed with the internal siren. This is just a simple warranty claim for a defective product. Sent another email. Hoping they will honour the 2year warranty that they advertise. Similar systems available on online shops for approximately 35% of the $800 that we paid to Australian Security Systems. Cheaper systems would probably last longer than 2 months, the customer service would probably be better too. Very disappointed with Australian Security Systems both in product and support quality.

L & R Rolley

To friends and neighbours concerned, We write to advise that we have installed a quality electronic security monitoring system in our residence. Brief information on this installation as follows. 1. It is not mains power reliant. The sensors and alarms are wireless and will activate if either physically moved or sense a breach. 2. The garage and living area are in different zones and can be armed independently. 3. We have been testing the unit for several weeks and are satisfied that the supplier is correct in claiming a very low possibility of false alarms. 4. The system comprises two separate alarms which are programmed to sound for one minute if activated. The system remains in an ‘armed’ state and so the alarms will sound again, and again, if the breach continues to occur. 5. The system is ‘self monitoring’. It has the option of maintaining five separate mobile phone numbers which will be sent an SMS/Text on each breach occasion. This is via a Telstra pre-paid sim card in the base station. In addition to our own mobile phone numbers, we have logged the numbers of three other separate contacts to take advantage of the total five. 6. I have discussed with the Cairns Police the preferred procedure to be adopted in the case of a breach. Accordingly we strongly suggest that: a. No person should enter upon the property to investigate a cause. b. You phone ‘000’, and advise the Police of the address and the incident. c. If you live close by, advise the Police if the siren has activated more than once. This would be an additional indication that the breach is not a false alarm. Do not be concerned that the Police may receive more than one call. They will adjust to that. 7. The chance of our place being invaded is quite low. Our security doors etc. are extensive and we have warning labels around the place advising that the premises are monitored. It is an additional measure we have taken as these systems have improved so much and are very cost effective. Many thanks Lyn & Ross

Yolanda S

excellent service and products, easy to install, would recommend to friends

C Burnett

Great product. Easy to install and works well.

J Elloy

I have found the purchasing, installing and overall functioning of the system to be fantastic. It's very user friendly. Only hick-up experienced was with the strobe, it had some faulty wiring but was rectified with some fault finding. Thank you for your product, has been amazing, the wife is happy and feels alot safer.

David Tyler

Great product at a very good price. It was easy to set up the alarm and it's excellent value for money. But best of all is the after sales service. Expert advice is just a phone call away and you feel they really care about helping. Highly recommended. DJT


I bought the "Ultimate package" and it is a really nice product to set up an alarm system for home in D.I.Y. What a fantastic customer service you have given, and I appreciate it so much.

Ashley French

Have been considering a security alarm system for years and always put it in the 'too hard basket'. After a neighbour got broken into it was time to re-visit the need for a system. I wish we'd done this long ago. We purchased a Protector Series Deluxe Kit and even after reading past reviews I was still very pleasantly surprised. Very easy to set up and install, just read the instructions a couple of times and all falls into place! We have just been away for a few days and no false alarms. I highly recommend this system and will be showing it off to our neighbours! Thank you guys. Good work.

A Tucker

Delivery was very quick and Christy was very helpful with my subsequent inquiries. There was a fault with the external siren, which was quickly replaced. Installation instructions for PIR sensors are a bit too vague and could do with an illustration for clarity on attachment of bracket. Tech support was good. System is now installed and so far working well. I like the delivery of SMS alert when the alarm is tripped.

B Dulhunty

The system is very professional and easy to use once installed. I needed an electrician to handle the installation of some parts but did all of the set-up myself. My family love the convenience of the remote controls, it makes leaving the house in a rush so much easier! Thx guys. Def recommend!

Anton Ferreira

I love this alarm! Very easy to setup, to program and to install! It is worth every cent! Highly recommended this! Love the fact that I get an SMS or call from my alarm when alarm is armed disarmed / triggered etc.


Excellent system. Took less than 15 mins to get going. Everything wireless and so convenient.

R Lane

very impressed with the system. works great easily to set

J wyborn

So happy with our deluxe package that we ordered, fast delivery ,easy to set up, had a problem with 1 of the PIR SENSORS, they were quick to replace it, love the way I can arm & disarm the alarm from my iphone , remotes on our keyrings and text messages and phone calls when alarm is activated ! was even able to get tech help on a sunday . very good customer service, dont see a lot of that now days ! very happy to recommend this company !


Product is good. Easy install

J Achinger-Kawecka

Great system, easy to install be yourself. Technical staff quite helpful.

A Devos

The shipment of the alarm system was fast. It wasn't too much trouble to set up and the unit itself looks great. Im very happy with it and would recommend this to anyone looking for an alarm system that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

G Foster

So far so good - system installed quite easily and the support from the tech guy was great - all seems to be working well. I love the SMS messaging and thanks for suggesting the ALDI sim card.

C Harland

The alarm system was fairly straight forward to set up. The trickiest part is installing the external siren, which for me will require an electrician to run the cable through the roof. I have tested the system and it all seems to be working well. Programming the sensors is not hard. Once you see how to do one, they are all pretty much the same.

J Livi

This is an excellent product. Setting up the main system was fast and easy. It took me a few weeks to get round to buying a sim card and installing it in the system. Having done that, now I can also turn it on and off with a phone call. I can also turn it on and off with the remotes as well as on the main panel. As I said, an excellent product.

R Rich

Excellent service and product


Great system. Easy installation, would definitely recommend!

Sally Preston

After getting a few quotes on getting an alarm system installed i was quite shocked.... Most of them where over the $1,000 mark and we just didn't have that kinda of money just laying around. Gutted that we just couldn't afford it, I came across your site and was so excited we could get an alarm for only $399 with 2 years warranty and your money back guarantee - where could we go wrong I thought? Well I was so excited to call my husband and tell him the news. At first he was a bit put off by the do it yourself part, but honestly it took us no time at all and now when we go away camping we don't have to worry about the safety of our belongings. He is super impressed that he put it up himself. Thank you so very much for your excellent customer service and quality products. We love it.


I Love the self monitoring. I don't have to pay a company $1 a day to feel safe. Thank you Australian Security Systems!


Very satisfied and sleep securely at night. Thank you.


I just changed my batteries for the first time and I had to call to make sure everything was ok and they were very helpful.

Elly Simpson

My whole life I've been a bit of a baby when it comes to being home alone over night. Or at night in general. It's not that I can't do it, its that noises bug me, and I'm just a little on edge. I don't sleep as well and am just extra cautious. A while back a friend of mine recommended Australian Security Systems. The problem is, everyone says they're going to do it, but it never seems to pan out. We get busy with our daily lives, we assume that it's going to take forever, and we always assume it's going to cost too much. For a combination of those reasons we took forever to decide to get an alarm, until our neighbours house was broken into. The reality hit way too close to home. I ordered the next day. And you know the best part? It was the most pleasant experience from start to finish. I was shocked that it was sent so quickly and it was so incredibly affordable. I would call it cheap, but I don't think the word cheap should be used when thinking about protecting you and your family. The cost is so small I don't even notice it. And my insurance company also lowered our home insurance right away because of the alarm. But the biggest savings? Well that has to be the rest that I get now. I sleep like a baby. I am resting when I am home, never on edge in my own home anywhere. It's my castle. Everything I love and enjoy is in it. And now it's really MINE. I am not wasting time being worried. I am free of that stress, and it's so inspiring that I tell everyone I know about you guys! The piece of mind is hands down the best reason to get the alarm. My home, its belongings, but most of all, we are protected. Thank you for helping me take back every moment at home, as my own, without any worry!

S Hans

You know that you are in good hands when you forgot that your alarm system is armed when you stop by your home, enter your garage and your phone rings telling you that your home has been compromised. Love it.


We received our alarm kit today and we are so impressed! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Definately recommending your products to our friends and family! Australian Security Systems you have saved us so much money :-)

B West

Have used another alarm service in the past but nothing compares to the excellence of service or quality of your company. We don't have to worry about paying for monitoring anymore and I absolutely love being able to receive a text or call when my alarm has gone off. Keep up the great work!

Mr Gray

Your company has given me peace of mind. I never think twice when I leave my home as long as the alarm is set. Thank you for your security.

Sam Jones

I like the feeling of safety and confidence when I leave my house and garage unattended. The system looks great and is uncomplicated. Thanks for the secure feeling Australian Security Systems.

Steve and Judy Brown

Hi Chris, Just a quick thank you for the great job you did on our alarm system at home and in my office. My family and staff have found them to be incredibly easy to operate and we all feel so much more secure especially with the "panic button"that if we happen to have an intruder, one press of this button will set off the alarm and off they run and help is on it's way! I did extensive research before choosing your company and I am not dissapointed with my decision, it's not only the best value for money alarm system on the market but also the easiest to use. In our dealings I have found you and Kristie to be very honest and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is seeking a bit more security in their lives.

R. Kwig

We got our DIY alarm system in the mail the very next day!!! Thank you for the awesome service. The alarm was simpler to program than I thought. Definately recommending. Love it.

G Mills

Product is very easy to install and great back up service. Got the alarm in 2 days, service is great. If you need any help they are there to help. Much better price, customer support, quality and performance than any other company.

A Braun

Great service and a quality product. It all arrived as promised and was pretty straight forward to setup and install. Thanks for a great system.