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Home security systems have surely come a long way from barred windows and brass locks.  There are many security systems on the market today and modern technology has made these devices surprisingly sophisticated. Luckily, this sophistication is not reflected too much in their price and applicability. Their prices are quite affordable ranging from a couple of hundred dollars.  Australian Security Systems provide you with the best security systems at an affordable price.  When it comes to the safety of your property, a home security system is an essential feature to have. No matter the kind of property you own; either...

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School Holidays can be hard coming up with ideas to entertain the kiddies on a budget. We have 3 so know if they are not busy or entertained the wonderful fighting and bickering between them begins.We have put a list together of ideas to help keep you and the little ones happy without costing much at all.1. Play Make-Believe Games - Use a sheet for a cubby or use the trampoline or swing set as a boat. 2. Go to the Library4. Go to a Local Park5. Make Sidewalk Art - You can grab chalk pretty cheap and it washes off...

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How to secure your home on a budget!

Lets face it... It's tough this day and age in Australia. A mortgage these days is beyond what we ever thought it could be, that and living costs it just seems to be on the rise and we can never get ahead.   And then someone comes along and thinks they have the right to just take what isn't theirs and we step backwards. Only to suck up our loss and work harder to repay the debt.  It's a sad but true story in Australia. Lets face it, majority of us have home insurance right? But our access is usually around...

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2G & 3G Alarm Systems

You may or may not be aware that Telstra closed its 2G network on the 1st of December 2016. Since this closure all 2G devices no longer work on the 2G network (except select remote areas) using the Telstra service. People can continue to use Optus or Vodafone until those networks are also shut down during 2017.  We upgraded our DIY wireless alarm system in April/May 2016 to a 3G alarm system called The Protector Series II. Meaning our wireless DIY alarm system can operate on the 3G/4G networks.    Tags: 3G alarm, 3G alarm system, 3G wireless alarm, 3G diy alarm, 4G alarm, 3G diy...

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CCTV Update!!

Exciting news!!! Our wireless CCTV range is getting very close to release.  Over the next week or two we will be having our pre-order promotion up on the website giving our subscribers the first chance to purchase our new CCTV range "Eye Protect" at a discounted price.  We will be sending out emails to our subscribers once Eye Protect CCTV is available to pre-order so you can check it out. Keep an eye on your emails over the coming weeks.     Tags: wireless CCTV, cctv, surveillance camera, IP camera, Wifi Camera.

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