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Although we provide FREE technical assistance with all of our products, we can gaurantee you our DIY security alarms are one of the easiest DIY alarms to program on the market. If you follow our user manual to start with, before you know it you won't even be using it anymore.
Alot of our customers call and ask before they purchase, if they will be able to do it? And we tell them the majority of our customers don't need to use our free technical support. Once you get the hang of it you will wonder why you didn't DIY years ago.
Our DIY security alarm kits are genius!! We have so many companies and customers comment on how extremely easy they are to use and they are amazed at what our systems can do at such a small price tag. 
After all our aim is to bring you DIY security that you can rely on and afford. Cutting the costs on installers fee's and shop front mark ups, we are able to provide high quality, extremely smart DIY alarm systems with so many more features than other DIY security alarm systems on the market today!
1. Plug the main alarm panel into a power point. 
 2. Program your sensors and accessories, then personalise the alarm to suit your needs. i.e. setting up your monitoring.
3. Mount your accessories. Mount the panel (or stand it on its stand). Plug the external strobe siren into a power point.
Your now protected!
Want a copy of the user manual to see just how easy it is? Send us an email