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Wireless Pet PIR Sensor

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Introducing our newest and smartest intelligent wireless PIR pet sensor. Compatible with The Protector Series II alarm system.

This wireless passive infrared detector is a dual-element PIR sensor with advanced micro power consumption processing technology. It is extremely stable, giving excellent peace of mind. This detector adopts bi-directional temperature compensation technology, giving a very wide detection range. It uses advanced technology for a unique calculation on pets up to 30kg, avoiding false alarms.

Besides it's remarkable performance in all types of settings such as window curtains swaying in the breeze, and not false alarming to our furry friends it can offer a very stable detection by different sensitivity grades.

With micro power consumption design it makes this PIR an outstanding performer with a long battery life of up to 24 months at least!

It's function and stability makes this PIR one of the best on the market. Reliability and stability is a must!

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