School Holidays can be hard coming up with ideas to entertain the kiddies on a budget. We have 3 so know if they are not busy or entertained the wonderful fighting and bickering between them begins.

We have put a list together of ideas to help keep you and the little ones happy without costing much at all.

1. Play Make-Believe Games - Use a sheet for a cubby or use the trampoline or swing set as a boat. 

2. Go to the Library

4. Go to a Local Park

5. Make Sidewalk Art - You can grab chalk pretty cheap and it washes off with the rain.

6. Make Kites and Fly Them - I spent hours as a child making the perfect kite out of what I could find. Plastic bags, sticks, tape and string is hours of entertainment. Get crafty add decorate with some paint or paper.

7. Head to the Beach

8. Put a Puzzle Together 

9. Find a Spot to Watch the Sunset

10. Have a Bonfire or Campfire in Your Backyard - Nothing like roasting marshmallows with the fam.

11. Grab a Ball and Play a Game of Sport together

12. Make a Picnic Lunch

13. Go Fishing

14. Plant a Garden – Use seeds from your fruits and let the kids watch them grow.

15. Play Board Games or Have the Kids Make their Own.

16. Rent a Movie 

17. Go Hiking – Here on the Central Coast NSW we are blessed with so many trails to walk and hike on. You would be surprised if you haven’t looked. Get out Google maps and see if you have something close to you.

18. Go Swimming or If Not in Water Restrictions put The Sprinkler Under the Trampoline for Hours of Fun

19. Have a Dance Party – Pump your old favourites and watch the kids get involved with grins on their faces.

20. Volunteer at a Non-Profit Organization - You get to impact others' lives and teach your kids some valuable lessons at the same time. You will need to check with your local organization to see if they have any rules about bringing your kids, or check out this site for volunteer opportunities near you.

21. Draw and colour Pictures

22. Make Finger Paint

23. Play with Play-doh or Make some

24. Ride Bikes – Don’t forget your helmets.

25. Go "Exploring" on a Night Walk
Occasionally we'll take our kids on a night walk. We let them have some flashlights and pretend we are "exploring." Any time kids use their imaginations, they're content.

26. Make A Paper Mache and Let them Get Messy Outside

27. Make Mud Cakes – Remind them not the actually eat them.

28. Go Through Old Toys and set Them To Pick Out Some For The Needy

29. Make Cards For Family or Friends 

30. Bake a Cake

31. Google Colouring In Pages Of Their Favourite Things 

32. Write and Draw A Book – Could even be publish worthy?
33. Knit a Scarf for School

34. Let them Decorate Cupcakes

35. Remind them Of The Games We Used To Play – What’s the time Mr Wolf. Spotlight. C'mon you must remember more than me 😉

Are there anymore you can suggest for our list? 

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