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Why install a wireless home alarm system?

Why install a wireless alarm system? Well, when a home has been built chasing wires for a hard wired alarm system can be costly. If you have had a quote from a security install company you will see what we mean.

If you are building a home, we would always recommend a hard wired system as you do not have to worry about battery changes etc in your sensors. Whilst the home is in construction you can get a security company or electrician to chase the wires for you before the walls are enclosed. This saves alot on install costs.

If you have an existing home or office, chasing wires throughout can be a nightmare and hence cost you the big bucks. An easy way around this is by installing a wireless security system. 

A wireless security system will give you the same protection as a hard wired system, accept the sensors will require battery maintenance. Depending on the sensor this can be every 6mths to 2yrs. 

If you decide to move you can also take your wireless alarm system with you. So you also don't loose money there either. 

Overall a hard wired system is less maintenance. However any security system requires regular check ups to make sure that it is working as it should, just to be sure that one day when it is needed it will do it's job.

The wireless alarm is the cheapest and overall easiest option. Our very own The Protector Series wireless security system also comes with the option to monitor your security system by either sticking a SIM card into the back panel or connecting an existing phone line. This allows you to receive calls and texts when the system has been violated. You also have the option to set up back to base monitoring with a company of your choice if you wish. 

The best bit. We don't lock you into any contracts. Once you have purchased your wireless security system it is yours with no ongoing costs from us.

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