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Home security systems have surely come a long way from barred windows and brass locks. 

There are many security systems on the market today and modern technology has made these devices surprisingly sophisticated. Luckily, this sophistication is not reflected too much in their price and applicability. Their prices are quite affordable ranging from a couple of hundred dollars. 

Australian Security Systems provide you with the best security systems at an affordable price. 

When it comes to the safety of your property, a home security system is an essential feature to have. No matter the kind of property you own; either a house or office or a rented apartment, it is important that you protect it with all the valuables in it. 

Their are several homeowners who like to install these security systems, take care of maintenance and repairs themselves. This is called a Do It Yourself (DIY) security system. DIY home security systems are easy to install and maintain by virtually anybody. 

A DIY security systems kit comes with everything you need to install a complete home alarm system. 

These along with security cameras are among the best kinds of security systems you can get. They are effective in keeping intruders away and many of these security cameras come with a state of the art alarm systems to notify homeowners of unwanted presence.

 At Australian Security Systems, our team of security experts will assist you in picking out the best type of alarm system best suited to your home or office and the rest is up to you. If you can handle a screwdriver and you know how to follow the installation directions, then, you will be able to install your security system yourself. Remember, we have technical support available 7 days a week to assist, if needed along with our office open 5 days a week to help.

Our “Protector Series 2” security systems are wireless, making it easier to install as there are no wired connections into walls or otherwise as needed. These easily installed wireless alarm systems and security cameras offer more options and wider coverage. All of our products offer maximum protection and the good part is you can install, manage and maintain it yourself (no ongoing installer costs for tweaks).

The upside to buying a DIY installation security system from us, is you save on the installation fee. You also have total control over your security system. You may connect to your mobile devices and get real-time feeds from your home. It’s that easy. Once there is a suspicious activity in your home, you get either an SMS, call alert or notification on your phone and you can quickly act on it before the intruder makes away with your belongings.

Home security systems are great tools for the protection of your home and office. We at Australian Security Systems are here to make sure that your family and properties are safe from harm’s way.

Investing in a system will ensure that your property is out of the intruder's list of targets.


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