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How to secure your home on a budget!

Lets face it... It's tough this day and age in Australia. A mortgage these days is beyond what we ever thought it could be, that and living costs it just seems to be on the rise and we can never get ahead.  

And then someone comes along and thinks they have the right to just take what isn't theirs and we step backwards. Only to suck up our loss and work harder to repay the debt. 

It's a sad but true story in Australia. Lets face it, majority of us have home insurance right? But our access is usually around $1,000 correct? And who has that kinda spare cash lying around so we can cover the loss of a theft? Not many. 

It can be heart breaking to find someone has damaged your pride and joy, not to mention the emotional damage of someone entering your private, safe zone and going through your personal things.

We have compiled a list of things you can do to keep your home and belongings safe... on a budget... because we don't think anyone should have to have their belongings.... hard worked for belongings... taken away from them! 

- Secure windows with window locks. These can be purchased from places like Bunnings for approx $4.90 for a pack of 2 -

- Make sure the doors are always locked, when you leave the home. It is also great practise to lock the screen doors whilst home.

- Consider a dog (but be aware they come with alot of responsibility, so think carefully before doing this). But if this is something you and our family can commit to they can be great at alerting you and also scaring away thieves, them moving onto an easier target.

- Security Window Stickers. Even if you do not have a security system installed, these can also act as a deterrant.

- Tell neighbours if you are going away to keep an eye on things. Have your neighbours phone numbers in your phone to be able to contact them.

- If you are going out, make it look like someone is home. Leave a radio on. Leave 1 or 2 lights on. 

At the end of the day a home security system and/or home surveillance CCTV camera's are the best way to go. Especially if you can buy and install yourself. Call it a robber stopper if you like. Its the safest home security you can get. Considering it may cost you around $500-$1000 (depending on what security system or CCTV kit you go with) this price is usually less then the cost of our insurance access, but gives us the peace of mind our home IS secure and won't be compromised.

The alarm will go off to scare away any intruders, and you are alerted by an SMS on your phone. If you did have the camera's you can then use these to log in and check the property and either head around or send the police. Majority of the time an alarm system is all that's needed, the sound of the siren instantly has them running scared and saves your home or business from a robbery.

So tighten up the security of your property and put some things into place before it's to late and you are having to deal with theft. Unfortunately at some point it happens to us all. So better to be prepared, safe and ready then sorry. 

We really hate the fact that ALOT of our customers are people who have had to go through this heartbreak of the emotional and physical stress, because the property hadn't been secured at the beginning. It is always better to be prepared and avoid these situations, then having to pick up the pieces and put something in place after the fact. The damage has been done then and it's too late. We hate hearing what our customers have gone through. Be prepared and ahead of the crime, unfortunately it is real and on the rise.

Let's all work together to stop these rising crime rates in Australia, together we can all make a difference.



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