Why install a DIY alarm from Australian Security Systems?

Why install a DIY alarm from Australian Security Systems?

Firstly, to save you approximately $500-$1,000 just on the installation costs. Someone wants good money to climb through your roof or slide under the house to run wires. It's fiddly and dirty work!

We spend all of our time working and making sure we have the best for our kids, but most families cannot afford the extra's likes a security system. We don't think it should be classed as an extra. Every family should protect what they have worked so hard for. And we understand today's tight budgets.

Now, we quite often get asked "Why are your alarm systems so cheap?" We can guarantee you we do not scrimp on quality, technology or any features in anyway! Our aim is to supply quality DIY security systems, that are easy to install and come with great customer service when needed. You are buying directly through us - the source, so there is no middle man. There are also no installation costs, saving you ALOT of money just there. We are an internet operated business - meaning we do not have a shopfront, allowing us to cut costs even more to supply our customers with quality products at low prices everyday!

So now your maybe thinking I can't possibly install a security system correctly? On my own? Well.. you can! Our security systems are designed for the complete novice to DIY. There are no complicated wires to run - we use Secure Wireless Technology - making is so easy for you to install yourself. Our user manual has been written to follow a bouncing ball from start to finish. And we can guarantee that you will be blown away just how easy it actually was to install and program.

Want more options later? You can add accessories to your alarm at any time. Its easy!

You also may have noticed we have free technical phone support on all products. This is to provide you with a great quality service from us and knowing that help is there for you when needed. But you know what... This is barely used! Most people call before placing their order questioning if they could do it themselves... After we re-assure just how easy it is, they go ahead and we never hear from them again! Unless of course it's one of our many great testimonials ;-) We do get the odd call for help (like anything), but we are always happy to help you. Need help during the day? No worries... Need help during the evening? No worries... we will work with you to get you going!

Our security systems are of excellent quality, extremely reliable, modern, have many awesome features (including a gsm dialer for monitoring). They also come with a 2yr replacement warranty for your piece of mind, free technical phone support (if you get stuck),  14 Day Money Back Guarantee and most importantly we are Australian family owned and operated.

We have had people install our wireless alarms on huge boats and connect the alarm to the bildge pump. We have customers using our security alarm systems in offices, homes, caravans, motor homes, sheds, boats, large companies, small companies, granny flats... you name it! People are blown away with the features our wireless alarms have.

Got a question? We are more than happy to help you. Give us a call on (02) 43 050 840 or email us anytime.

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