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Wireless Home Security Systems

The Protector Series is a wireless home security system suitable for the home, garage, shed, office, apartment, duplex, caravan or boat. Need a wireless home security system? The Protector Series can be installed almost anywhere. 

The Protector Series wireless home security system runs off a 240v power supply BUT can be automatically converted to 12v DC for your caravan or boat needs.

You may notice we only have the basic accessories available for The Protector Series wireless security system, this is because instead of having to many accessories than needed, Chris our technician knows what most people need after installing for over 15yrs. He doesn't want to confuse the situation with loads of different sensors that you really don't need. The basics cover all your needs without over spending on a quality wireless security system.

Why wireless you may ask? Wireless home security systems are so much easier for the do it yourself novice. With our Secure Wireless Technology don't think your alarm won't do what the hard wired alarms do (even though you may hardwire our alarm if you are gifted in that way). The Protector Series is top quality and jam packed with features.

Want a self monitored alarm? You got it.

Want to use a monitored alarm company? You got it.

Don't want to be stuck in a contract? You got it.

Want 2yrs Warranty, free technical support and a 14day money back guarantee? Yep, that's it.. You got it.

Our wireless home security systems will keep you feeling safe 24/7 with the stay mode feature. Want more info? Head here to read more about the brilliant Protector Series wireless alarm.

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