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What to do if my home is broken into?

What if my home has been burgled? What should you do if someone broke in? What if they took everything?  The feeling of safety seems to decrease after a home invasion. Wether you were home or not, it is a very sick feeling to know somebody has been in your home, going through your personal stuff.  Unfortunately alot of people call us up looking for a security system, after they have been broken into. The insurance companies say that someone is more likely to come back a few weeks after the break and enter for a second go at it.  The best solution...

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Monitored GSM Dialer alarm

Our Monitored alarms can save you hundreds in monitoring costs. Even thousands if you count all the years you have paid for monitoring.  Wouldn't you rather monitor your alarm yourself? Meaning no monitoring costs and you know exactly whats happening, when it happens!  Our monitored alarms give you the choice of being a GSM alarm or a PSTN alarm. If you have already got an alarm system and you have looked into adding a GSM dialer to it, you will realise just for the dialer can cost you anywhere from $600 up to $1,000 sometimes even more.  If you decide to use...

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The best Christmas gift idea. The gift of a safe home!

Are you looking for a great Christmas gift idea? How about giving the gift of safety.  If you are looking for a great Christmas gift idea, look no further. Give your mum or dad, son or daughter, nan or pop the gift of feeling safe and secure in there own home.  Going on holidays this Christmas? Most of us Aussies love to get away, whether it's a camping trip on our beautiful coast lines - which we personally love to do as a family - or a trip into the middle of nowhere. You maybe living it up in a flashy apartment in...

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2011-12 Australian Break-in Statistics

We have gathered the latest statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics of home break ins in Australia for our customers to read and be aware of. It is interesting to see real live statistics from the government and it's good to know what is going on around us in our very own country! The 2011–12 Crime Victimisation Survey was the fourth annual national survey of crime victimisation in Australia, with the first Crime Victimisation Survey conducted in 2008–09. The following sections explore the changes in the victimisation counts and rates, reporting rates and number of incidents for the selected household crimes for...

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Wireless Home Security Systems

The Protector Series is a wireless home security system suitable for the home, garage, shed, office, apartment, duplex, caravan or boat. Need a wireless home security system? The Protector Series can be installed almost anywhere.  The Protector Series wireless home security system runs off a 240v power supply BUT can be automatically converted to 12v DC for your caravan or boat needs. You may notice we only have the basic accessories available for The Protector Series wireless security system, this is because instead of having to many accessories than needed, Chris our technician knows what most people need after installing...

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