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Why install a wireless home alarm system?

Why install a wireless alarm system? Well, when a home has been built chasing wires for a hard wired alarm system can be costly. If you have had a quote from a security install company you will see what we mean. If you are building a home, we would always recommend a hard wired system as you do not have to worry about battery changes etc in your sensors. Whilst the home is in construction you can get a security company or electrician to chase the wires for you before the walls are enclosed. This saves alot on install costs. If...

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Setting up your security system to stop false alarms!

Setting up a DIY security system may take some time to get right if you are unsure of where to position your PIR motion sensors. This is why we provide our customers with technical phone support 7 days a week. You can give our tech guys a call and ask them any questions you may have on positioning of the PIRs. They will help and guide you on the best way to install. We also explain in our user manual on positioning etc. Sometimes we get awesome customers who take the time to write in to us. We love it!! This time...

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Is the closure of 2G going to affect people with a GSM alarm system?

We have had this question pop up from a few customers so we thought we would update our blog on what we know and keep it up to date as we find out more information for you guys. As far as we know they keeping the 850 mhz frequency. (Our system The Protector Series runs off 850, 900, 1800 and 1900mhz and changes automatically) We have spoken with Telstra about the matter and they advised us that 2G would be closing. But after hearing a few different rumours, we are actually going to look further into what is actually happening and speak to more...

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On the Christmas present list?

Christmas is fast approaching. Before we know it we will be sitting in the summer heat with our feet up and stuffing our faces with lots of yummo Christmas food and drink. So thinking of the perfect Christmas gift for nan and pop? Your son or daughter? Mum or Dad?  We think a secured home is a perfect Christmas present or gift for your loved one.  Going away this Christmas? Don't worry about if your home if safe and secure. Know that it is!! Then you can head off with the trailer or caravan on the back and know that whilst...

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Self-Monitored Wireless Alarm Systems - Monitor yourself and save thousands!!!

Alot of people don't like security systems, dealing with putting the pin code in before the alarm starts sounding can panic people. But in the long run a working security system can keep you so much safer when you are home and also protect your belongings and everything you have worked hard for when you are out! Our wireless alarm systems are the best out there for the price range. Of course you can go and spend thousands on a top notch brand that you may get an extra year out of. But we find our systems highly competes with...

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