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Is the closure of 2G going to affect people with a GSM alarm system?

We have had this question pop up from a few customers so we thought we would update our blog on what we know and keep it up to date as we find out more information for you guys.

As far as we know they keeping the 850 mhz frequency. (Our system The Protector Series runs off 850, 900, 1800 and 1900mhz and changes automatically)

We have spoken with Telstra about the matter and they advised us that 2G would be closing. But after hearing a few different rumours, we are actually going to look further into what is actually happening and speak to more telephone companies to find out what exactly is going on. 

From our research Telstra will be shutting 2G in December 2016. Optus will follow on February 2017. Vodafone have not yet announced a date.

Any updates or information we find out, we will keep up to date right here on our Blog. If you would like to stay in the loop about this please subscribe to it or keep an eye on our website for more updates. We will update as we learn more. 


5th April, 2016

We have been working closely with our manufacturing team and are ahead of the game releasing our new 3G system within the next month or so. 

This will assure our customers that when the 2g (GSM) networks are closed, our new model "The Protector Series II" will be fully compatible with the 3G/4G networks and will continue to give our customers access to monitoring their system via either SIM card or PSTN phone line. 

We will be keeping our first model "The Protector Series" in stock and available ongoing, for customers who wish to purchase a system, but not necessarily want the monitoring side or wish to use a PSTN phone line instead of the 3G/4G network. 

The Protector Series II will also be coming with a few upgraded features. We will be keeping all of the existing functions and features of The Protector Series, but will be adding a temperature display on the LCD screen and also the option to add smart power sockets to any of your home appliances, or lights to remotely control (to make people think someone is home whilst you are away) via the alarm panel. 

Existing Customers -

As The Protector Series operates on 850Mhz we are still not 100% sure if this will affect your system or not (depending on your area). You could upgrade your panel now to get prepared, or wait and see if you are affected in your area when these closures happen.

The new model "The Protector Series II" will be compatible with all existing accessories to make the change over easy for our existing customers. 

For any existing customers who wish to upgrade there security system to the new 3G model, you may do so for a low upgrade fee. Check out our shop for pricing etc.


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