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Setting up your security system to stop false alarms!

Setting up a DIY security system may take some time to get right if you are unsure of where to position your PIR motion sensors.

This is why we provide our customers with technical phone support 7 days a week. You can give our tech guys a call and ask them any questions you may have on positioning of the PIRs. They will help and guide you on the best way to install.

We also explain in our user manual on positioning etc.

Sometimes we get awesome customers who take the time to write in to us. We love it!! This time we had a customer tell us some important points from a non-installer, everyday, kinda customers point of view. We appreciate this as it helps our customers understand from there own perspective. 

We will paste below there suggestions when installing your PIR sensors. 

I have had our security system for a couple for months now and it is a good system and easy to set up initially, but I've had some trouble with false alarms from the PIRs.  I believe I have them solved now and thought that my experience might be of help to others.  

To get my system to stop false alarming took some trial and error following is a summary of the main points that have helped me stop them.

1   Install new batteries in the PIRs 

2   Make sure that all PIRs do not face any windows / doors even if they have curtains or blinds 

3   Do not install a PIR anywhere in a room that has windows on the western wall in Queensland, the afternoon sun is very hot and will heat the room up enough to false alarm.  This even occurred with the use of very expensive "heat proof" blinds

4   Do not face a PIR towards a fridge, particularly the old style ones that have the cooling coils on the back as these get quite hot when the fridge turns on.

5   Set your external siren timer to 0 minutes!   The last thing you want is to have your security system "crying wolf" while you are getting it working correctly.

6   Thoroughly test your installation, I'd recommend 48 continuous hours of testing.  If all goes well then reset your external siren to an appropriate time, I use 3 minutes as if there is a breakin I want to let my neighbours know so they can have a look or call the police.  By the way I get on very well with my neighbours and we have Neighbourhood Watch working in our area very well.

Again, we appreciate the time our customer went to help others whilst installing and testing there system.



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