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Self-Monitored Wireless Alarm Systems - Monitor yourself and save thousands!!!

Alot of people don't like security systems, dealing with putting the pin code in before the alarm starts sounding can panic people. But in the long run a working security system can keep you so much safer when you are home and also protect your belongings and everything you have worked hard for when you are out!

Our wireless alarm systems are the best out there for the price range. Of course you can go and spend thousands on a top notch brand that you may get an extra year out of. But we find our systems highly competes with the high price tag products, in quality and the features. We even like to think we may have more features.

And then there are the monitoring costs to consider. Our wireless alarm systems can be self-monitored (saving you thousands over the years) or if you do prefer the use of a monitoring company the option is there to do that too. Simply enter your monitoring details into the panel and easily program it to suit your needs.We have done some calculations on monitoring costs.

It is interesting to see really how much money you can save monitoring your wireless alarm system yourself.

Monitoring companies all over Australia vary in price and are all different, so we will use averages over a 3yr period.

Monitoring Company

$1 a day, for 365 days a year = $365 a year.

$365 for 3 years is $1,095

Just on monitoring for your alarm system.

Self-Monitor your Alarm System

$5 for a start up SIM card (including $5 of credit - see example) plus the cost of sending a text message or a phone call, when someone has violated your property. Which isn't likely to be very often (or never, hopefully - but always better to be safe then sorry).

OR if you have an existing phone line, your cost is nothing! You will only pay for the phone call when your alarm has been violated.

You do the sums? Do you want to pay for monitoring even when you arn't using it or needing it? Or would you rather pay as it is needed?

If you choose a long 365 day expiry SIM card then your credit will last you the entire year, without needing to top up at the end of each month. So unless you have other alerts set up on your system, you won't use much credit at all.

Another great bonus about having a self monitored alarm is that you can send your wireless alarm system text messages to arm and disarm. Say you are on your way to work and you forgot to arm the alarm, no worries.. Simply send your alarm a text message and it will reply telling you it has been armed successfully.

Our wireless alarm systems include a SIM dialer. If you have researched your alarms, you would realise that this function alone can cost you around $600 or more. We have jam packed the best features and only the highest in quality and design to provide you with The Protector Series. Australia's No.1 wireless alarm system. Only available online and comes with a 2yr replacement warranty, money back guarantee and free technical support.



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