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What to do if my home is broken into?

What if my home has been burgled? What should you do if someone broke in? What if they took everything? 

The feeling of safety seems to decrease after a home invasion. Wether you were home or not, it is a very sick feeling to know somebody has been in your home, going through your personal stuff. 

Unfortunately alot of people call us up looking for a security system, after they have been broken into. The insurance companies say that someone is more likely to come back a few weeks after the break and enter for a second go at it. 

The best solution is to prevent a break and enter happening with a working security system, but this isn't always the case.

So what should you do if you have been broken into?

  1. Don't touch anything!

  2. Call the police to file a report.

  3. Take photo's of any evidence. 

  4. Check that no credit cards or bank cards were taken. If they were call the banks and cancel the cards.

  5. Phone your insurance company to advise them of the situation and find out what is needed to make a claim.

  6. Check no keys to the house or cars are missing. If they are consider changing the locks.

  7. Start an inventory of what is missing. Keep the list out and add to it over the next few days as you notice other things missing.

  8. If you are renting, advise the real estate agency or landlord to advise them of the home burglary.

  9. Let your neighbours know so they can be more prepared and keep things locked up tighter.

  10. ​Take some time to try to de-stress.

It is a very emotional time when you have been robbed or broken into. Take the time to de-stress and remember that at least (well hopefully) no-one was hurt. 

In future, it's best to prevent the crime before it happens. A working security system is always the best deterance to any burglar. They usually go to the easiest property and seeing an external siren and warning stickers is usually enough to deter the thieves. However, if they did break into the property the noise of the alarm being set off would most certainley scare them away.

If you still can't get past someone breaking in, speak to your doctor and/or make sure you talk to your family and friends.

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