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The best Christmas gift idea. The gift of a safe home!

Are you looking for a great Christmas gift idea? How about giving the gift of safety. 

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift idea, look no further. Give your mum or dad, son or daughter, nan or pop the gift of feeling safe and secure in there own home. 

Going on holidays this Christmas? Most of us Aussies love to get away, whether it's a camping trip on our beautiful coast lines - which we personally love to do as a family - or a trip into the middle of nowhere. You maybe living it up in a flashy apartment in the city or taking it easy with your swag. Whatever the case may be, you don't want to have to worry about if your home is safe and secure. Especially in the holiday times, when home break-ins increase. 

Set up your home with a working security system before you go away so your mind is completely at ease. Knowing that if there was an intruder, you would know about it the second it happened. Allowing you to call on a family member or friend to go and check it out. 

Ok, so Im going to tell you a little story about our last holiday and it just reminded us how awesome The Protector Series really is.

We were all excited but rushed as we where packing the car for our family holiday to Fiji earlier this year. As most families would know, getting the kids ready, packed and managing to get out the door and be at the airport on time is a mission in itself. So we finally did it, we where on our way. About a 2hr car ride to the airport in traffic and we have to be there in 2hrs. No time for delays here. Half way down to Sydney airport we realised we forgot to turn on the alarm. We both slightly cringed and thought a whole week away, with no car in the driveway.... Perfect for a home break-in. After both of us starting to get more frustrated with the situation, and not thinking clearly, I remembered.... I can send the alarm a text msg to turn it on. I pulled out my phone, sent the text msg to the alarm and I get an instant reply "Arm OK". Now we could both really relax and enjoy our holiday completely. Which we did ;-)

The Protector Series is the perfect Christmas present, even to yourself. Feel safe this holiday season and secure your home with our DIY alarm system. Easy enough for any novice to install. With our free technical support and 2yr warranty you can't go wrong. 

Want to give a kit as a Christmas present? We will even wrap it for free! Did you want it posted straight to them, but no price details? We can do that too. Just comment your instructions and we will communicate with you until we have it just the way you want it.

Until next time, enjoy the start of the Christmas celebrations. 


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