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Monitored GSM Dialer alarm

Our Monitored alarms can save you hundreds in monitoring costs. Even thousands if you count all the years you have paid for monitoring. 

Wouldn't you rather monitor your alarm yourself? Meaning no monitoring costs and you know exactly whats happening, when it happens! 

Our monitored alarms give you the choice of being a GSM alarm or a PSTN alarm. If you have already got an alarm system and you have looked into adding a GSM dialer to it, you will realise just for the dialer can cost you anywhere from $600 up to $1,000 sometimes even more. 

If you decide to use the system as a GSM alarm you may program up to 5 phone numbers into it. Being a GSM alarm system you can then receive SMS or calls when the alarm has been violated. A GSM alarm has more options with the SMSing. You may also receive alerts if there has been a power outage, or a sensors battery is low.

It you use your alarm as a PSTN alarm you can still program up to 5 phone numbers for monitoring however you may only receive a call when the alarm has been violated.

GSM alarms are the way to the future. They are portable and being wireless makes them even easier to install. 

If you love the convenience and safety of a Central Monitoring Centre you also have the option to use one. 

Giving you many options with our GSM alarm systems, you can decide how you use your monitored alarm.



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